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7 trucs à savoir sur la prostate (et le plaisir prostatique)

7 things to know about the prostate (and prostate pleasure)

The prostate is a gland involved in sexual pleasure. But what do we really know about its functions and secrets? 7 revelations.

The prostate is the size of a chestnut

Until the age of 40, the prostate looks like a chestnut. It weighs about 15 to 20 grams. Then, it gradually gains in volume. It can then be compared to a small apricot, or even a clementine. This hypertrophy is benign but can lead to urinary disorders.

The prostate is not idle, it participates in the production of sperm

Do not imagine that the prostate does nothing all its days. On the contrary ! Its main mission? Make seminal fluid to protect and nourish sperm, and allow them to move. In short, the prostate adds fluid to the river! In parallel, it is requested punctually, during ejaculation: it expels the sperm so that it comes out of the penis.

The prostate is located below the bladder

Talking about the prostate, prostatic pleasure and prostatic orgasm is good, but you still have to locate your prostate to find it! It lodges under the bladder and is accessible by digital rectal examination, about 7 centimeters from the entrance to the rectum, hence the "necessity" to go through the back door to stimulate it.

You can feel prostatic pleasure by stimulating the perineum

You can also stimulate the prostate by massaging the outer part of the pelvic muscles – under the purses, to generate perineal contractions which then affect the prostate. It will be "titillated" indirectly, for your greatest pleasure.

Prostate pleasure can make you want to pee

If you have to urinate during sex, especially when the prostate is stimulated, that's normal. The bladder being the neighbor of the prostate, it is also titillated.

Sex toys can accompany prostate pleasure

To go to meet his prostate pleasure, you can use sex toys. Able to put you at ease, they are specially designed to gently stimulate this intimate area. The use of a anal relaxant or one special anal lubricant will also be appropriate, since the anus does not lubricate naturally.

To enjoy more, we can imagine his prostate

Male pleasure, contrary to popular belief, is not only external since it is not limited to the penis alone! Nevertheless, the prostate being hidden, it is not always easy to envisage prostatic pleasure. Whether you are a beginner or not, you can turn on your brain and imagine your prostate to connect to this gland and feel all the pleasure granted. It is also an excellent way to obtain a prostatic orgasm, more diffuse and deeper.