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Ces zones érogènes que l’on ne connait pas !

These erogenous zones that we do not know!

We all know our erogenous zones. But what we don't know is that we've never finished waking them up for new sensations and that… we have others, hitherto discreet, which could well make us go to the curtains tomorrow! Exploration.

Both men and women have so-called primary erogenous zones (in men, the penis, the testicles, the P-spot, in women, the breasts, vulva, clitoris, vagina, etc.). These areas make everyone agree: they are innervated, sensitive, and to the touch, they provide pleasure. Only, discovering your body does not stop there! There are also secondary, more personal erogenous zones, which wake up according to a personality, a moment, a partner, a fantasy...

Some will love having their toes tickled, others will ignite during a caress on their belly. And if we are all endowed with primary erogenous zones, we all have secondary zones to explore. In other words, we never finished getting to know each other! Between the areas already traveled which hide new pleasures and those which we have never approached… ecstasy is not far away!

Walk in erogenous zones

We know each other, we know our partner, and we often have fun according to our criteria. Taking an already known route is fine, it's our “erotic base”. But to discover new erogenous zones and therefore new sensations, let's bet on two points: sensuality and softness. Very long preliminaries will be essential to get out of our usual caresses and dare to venture (whether alone or in pairs). Once the excitement rises, that everyone surrenders, we caress each part of the body of the other and we invite him to do the same.

Another invitation to sensuality: massage! We settle comfortably in bed, we choose an atmosphere that we like and we start with a massage. No need to think about the sexual relationship that will follow: it is not the goal and it prevents us from living the present moment. We rather take the time to discover the body of the other, from his back to his torso, from the crook of his elbow to his neck, from his crotch to his buttocks... An infinite time in front of us, without pressure, in an erotic context .

Awakening your erogenous zones: tips

Passing his hand over a forearm… okay? Touch is an art! And to wake up an erogenous zone, let's touch differently! We use the pulp of our fingers for maximum shivers, we grip or slightly pull out our nails for a slightly wilder hold...  We change approach, method! And also rhythm. Faster, slower, we alternate. Without forgetting to use our mouth, very sensitive, moist, warm, which allows us to approach the corners of our partner's body in a different way.

Finally, vibrating sex toys can be real “engines”. Your myPleasure will be the perfect companion. Specially designed to stimulate your intimacy or that of your partner, it will vibrate on all the erogenous parts of your body with such power that certain corners of your anatomy will awaken.

Communicate with your partner

He touches us, we touch him… To discover our own erogenous zones but also those of our partner, let's listen to each other and don't hesitate to communicate! When you go through your partner's body, pay attention to his reactions, his breathing, the expression on his face… You will then understand if you are on the right track. Just as he will observe you while caressing you: tell him via sounds, sighs... and that you like it. And then, the words remain quite useful in addition to this non-verbal language. “I love it, try again”… By communicating, we make the trip even more surprising, we venture together, as a couple, into new terrain.