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Gel orgasmique féminin - Orgasme Intense vendor-unknown
Female orgasmic gel - 7th heaven effect
Gel orgasmique féminin - Orgasme Intense vendor-unknown

A unique and exclusive product

Made in France, superior quality. The vegan recipe for Female Orgasmic Gel is unique and exclusive to GOLIATE. It was created by an artisanal laboratory in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

Natural and based on organic ingredients

99.50% of the total ingredients are of natural origin and 94.81% are organically grown.

A certified organic gel containing no artificial flavors

The scents it releases come solely from the active, natural ingredients it contains.

A gel texture for practical use

You place one drop at the top of your vulva, on the glans of the clitoris.

A discreet scent

A light, non-enchanting fragrance to make the most of the moment.

A note of essential oils selected to stimulate

Essential oils of mint and lavender for a hot-cold effect that turns the head of your clitoris and gently excites it.

A healing and moisturizing character

To take care of your clitoris thanks to its 99.5% active ingredients.

A stimulating effect

A gel that will stimulate your clitoris for maximum excitement and intimate pleasure.

We have the answers!

Issues ?

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Is Female Orgasmic Gel edible?

Yes ! Once the vegan and organic gel is applied to the skin, you can kiss and lick it without any risk.

Is it compatible with condoms?

Yes totally. Take care of yourself. You can also use it with sex toys.

And with sex toys?

Yes, with all sex toys made of silicone, which is the case with GOLIATE sex toys, enough to increase orgasm tenfold.

And for pregnant women?

The female orgasmic gel contains different essential oils and these are not recommended for pregnant women.

Does Female Orgasmic Gel replace lubricant?

Our orgasmic gel does not replace lubricant, we recommend that you combine it with our natural lubricant Gel Glisse Sensuelle during your intercourse.

Why use essential oils in the female orgasmic gel?

We have chosen to use essential oils in the composition of the female orgasmic gel because they are a 100% natural alternative to the chemical compounds often used in this type of product. Moreover, it would seem that the potential risk of allergy is extremely low (0.5% of the population) for most. Finally, they have no harmful effect on the planet.

Why is there 0.5% of the product that is not natural?

The female orgasmic gel contains water. In order to preserve the benefits and ensure safety, it is essential to use a minimum threshold of preservatives (accepted by the Cosmos Organic specifications).

What's in our formulas?

We have opted for transparency. This is why and although it is not legally necessary, our ingredient lists are also translated into French. But as the names of ingredients can sometimes seem very complex for an uninformed public, here is what you will find in our gels and lubricants: spring water from the Pyrenees and first cold-pressed organic vegetable oils. Emulsifiers of natural origin without palm oil and non-irritating. Plant extracts and organic macerates made by us with the plants we harvest. Then we use mineral filters guaranteed without nanoparticles, organic essential oils and natural gums or organic algae. To continue you will also find preservatives accepted by the Cosmos Organic specifications. And finally dyes of mineral or vegetable origin only. In summary, only natural, organic and respectful of the body and the planet.

What you will never find in the formulation of GOLIATE intimate cosmetics?

For starters: mains water. Hydrogenated oils, esterified or derived from PEG or silicone petroleum. Palm oil-based emulsifiers, synthetic actives or texturizers. Synthetic perfumes, parabens or phenoxyethanol. Formaldehyde, or chlorinated derivatives and finally synthetic dyes.

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Avis client

L'effet est surprenant et agréable. Bon produit

Avis client

Bon produit
Il serait intéressant d'augmenter l'effet chauffant ?

Avis client

Bonne sensations

Avis client

Acheté avec the amazing, ce gel est très agréable et procure de vraies sensations pour le clito

Avis client

Excellent gel