5 conseils pour une vie sexuelle épanouie GOLIATE

5 tips for a fulfilling sex life

What are the secrets of a healthy sex life? How to have fun and take full advantage of the sex moments that we both share? Here are 5 keys that will open many doors for you.

I no longer seek orgasm at all costs

If I only think about enjoying, my brain only concentrates on the purpose of the sexual relationship. However, during love, many things happen: his skin against my skin, his hands between my thighs, his breath between my legs... Enjoying the journey is better! By living in the present moment, without looking away, I give myself a better chance of reaching orgasm. It will be more surprising and stronger, thanks to the thousand sensations encountered along the way.

I don't pretend

I'm good at pretending. When it's not my night, I pretend it is. And when his caresses don't speak to me, I pretend that they are talkative. That way, I don't offend my partner and everyone is happy. Error ! It is better to say things. Guide the other towards our desires of the moment to enjoy them more. Without sounding like a school principal, I gently suggest to her… a missionary, because I'm in a missionary mood. I accompany his hands on my clitoris when they are clumsy and I suggest turning off the light if that suits me better.

I am not participating in a competition

I'm not here to have sex ten times a week and beat the national average. No longer to string together ten positions every quarter of an hour because they do that in porn movies. Sex makes me happy when I live it my way, without counting, without timing myself and without comparing myself. So it doesn't matter if the neighbors make the building shake every night if what makes me feel good is setting it on fire once a month.

I don't stay on my achievements

I often tell myself that I've done the trick and that my sexuality is routine. Maybe yes, my sexual relations follow each other and resemble each other. However, there are a lot of things to discover. Sexuality is a vast field in which there is always something to discover. A new position, a new toy, a new place, a new erogenous zone… I go for it. The promise: new sensations never experienced before!

I don't think about my worries

Sex is a moment of sharing and high relaxation! But it's true, when I've had a bad day, rather than enjoying the sex moment, I dwell on my worries. You have to do the shopping, pay the taxes, take out the trash. Certainly. But there is no point in thinking about it during love. Because the bins will not empty in full penetration. I postpone my worries to abandon myself now, right away, and feel how my partner's hands on me are small happiness.