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Sex toy cleaner - natural

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Pas indispensable mais quand même très pratique, naturel et bonne odeur

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nettoyant naturel en spray, pratique d'application.
Pour celles qui n'ont pas envie d'utiliser de l'eau et du savon et qui veulent aller vite.

Avis client

Bon produit, pratique et bonne odeur

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Très bien, conforme à mes attentes, je recommande !

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Bon rapport qualité prix.

A unique product

Made in France, our sextoy cleaner has been custom-created by an artisanal laboratory in collaboration with the GOLIATE team.

Easy to use

The sextoy cleaner-disinfectant is a natural product that's easy to use. Just a few sprays and you're done!

Antifungal properties

The sextoy cleaner has antifungal properties thanks to the presence of Tea Tree essential oil, known for its disinfectant properties.

A sanitizing sextoy cleaner

Thanks to the presence of ravintsara essential oil and Calendula extract.

in just a few minutes

You spray your sextoy with a few sprays of the cleaner, wipe it dry with a clean cloth, and it's ready to use!

No artificial fragrances

The fragrances released by our Sextoy Cleaner come solely from the active, natural ingredients it contains

Issues ?

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Why should you wash your sex toys?

It's important to wash your sex toys after use, and not just with water, to protect your intimate hygiene. By cleaning your sextoys after each use with a cleanser, you avoid the proliferation of bacteria, and therefore infections.

Is it necessary to rinse the sextoy after using GOLIATE Cleaner?

Once you've sprayed your sextoy with a few sprays of our cleaner, simply wipe it dry with a clean cloth. No water is required.

What should I do if there's still cleaner on my sextoy?

Our sextoy cleaner-disinfectant is natural, so there's no risk if a little remains on your toy.

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