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The Amazing! - Le 2 en 1 - Stimulateur clitoridien & vibromasseur vendor-unknown
The Amazing! - 2 in 1: the incredible combination

Top design 2 in 1

With its innovative and exceptional design, The Amazing! offers the perfect grip to feel good and stimulate your anatomy, whether for clitoral, vaginal or anal stimulation. Its silicone head is also detachable for easy cleaning.

why our customers love the Amazing!

the clitoris is a key area of sexual pleasure for people with a vulva. Clitoral vibrators stimulate it directly, which can lead to intense, rapid orgasms.

Quiet for a clitoral stimulator

The Amazing! has been designed to make its vibrations among the quietest in its class once properly positioned on your anatomy. Be unobtrusive for even more pleasure.


The Amazing! is a rechargeable sextoy powered by a magnetic Lithium-on battery. State-of-the-art technology means you can use it to have fun anywhere, anytime. No need for batteries, save money and help save the environment too.

Waterproof (shower)

Quality should be accessible to all. Your clitoral stimulator is splash-proof for easy cleaning and use in the shower.


Respect for your body is our priority. The Amazing! is made with medical-grade silicone, guaranteed phthalate-free, 100% body-friendly, odorless and skin-friendly

We have the answers!

Issues ?

You have not found the answers to your questions? Visit our FAQs Or contact us.

How do I clean The Amazing! clitoral stimulator?

As with all clitoral stimulators and other sex toys, all you need to do is use a sex toy cleaner like the one from GOLIATE. You can also clean it with a little warm, slightly soapy water before drying it with a clean cloth.

What lube to use with The Amazing! ?

To make the most of your clitoris stimulator, it is essential to choose a water-based lubricant so as not to damage the silicone. GOLIATE offers you a water-based lubricant certified organic, vegan and made in France which is perfectly compatible with your sex toy.

Can I use The Amazing! in the shower ?

You can take your clitoral stimulator with you in the shower. However, use in the bath is not recommended, this habit could damage your sex toy.

What are the benefits of using sex toys?

Sex toys bring more pleasure and greater sexual satisfaction. People who use sex toys say they are more satisfied with their sex life on all levels, including the quality of orgasm and the quality of masturbation. The more you explore your body and experiment with toys, the more likely you are to know how to please yourself and how to make yourself cum - whether alone or with your partner.

The Amazing clitoral stimulator! is it only for solitary pleasure? Can I use it with a partner?

The Amazing! can be used both solo and with your partner to stimulate your clitoris and other erogenous zones.

How can I introduce The Amazing! or another clitoral stimulator in my relationship?

There are many ways to approach the conversation and it greatly depends on your comfort level when it comes to talking about sex. If you tend to be a little shy, suggest that everyone write down a list of "wishes" to spice up your sexuality, before you swap them. You can then enter “try a sex toy together”, for example, in your list. If you've ever had specific conversations about your sexual wants and needs, this may be an easier time. For example, you can say, “I wish we used sex toys sometimes during sex. Do you agree that we choose a sex toy together? I recommend that you spend an evening together and do some research to determine which toy would suit you the most. If you are not comfortable with this idea, you can do your research on your own, and discuss it afterwards. Keep in mind that couples who vary their pleasures in the bedroom are more likely to stay together long-term and to be open and honest about their desires. Trying new sexual experiences alleviates boredom, reduces the likelihood of cheating, and improves overall communication between partners. So many good reasons to introduce sex toys into your sex life!

Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Avis client

Très efficace et silencieux une fois positionné sur le clito.

Avis client

On est pas loin du marteau de Thor, et je confirme que ça fait le même effet ...:)

Avis client

Totalement satisfaite de mon achat

Avis client


Avis client

Excellent produit, stimulation le clito comme jamais !
Et deux en un, Très très bon achat