Les secrets de l’homme multi orgasmique : on vous dit tout ! GOLIATE

The secrets of the multi-orgasmic man: we tell you everything!

We always hear about premature ejaculation, but very little about multiorgasm. It must be admitted that the first case turns out to be a real hassle for men. This situation sometimes even requires treatment. On the other hand, reaching the point of no return repeatedly is still quite an achievement. Some manage it quite easily, while others still need to know the secrets to soak up this art. In a few words, the idea is to know how to put oneself perfectly in symbiosis with the sexual zones of the body. In the end, this boon is within everyone's reach. Only, you have to do your part.

Have an orgasm without ejaculation

Multiorgasm can be done with or without ejaculation in a single intercourse. It must be said that the prospect of reaching the climax of sexual pleasure in several times without having to take a break is the dream for more than one man. However, some succeed with a few minutes or seconds of downtime in between. In this case, we speak of sequential type multiorgasm.

Between two orgasms is the refractory period, this period of time during which the excitement escapes. Normally, it occurs after ejaculation. Its duration varies from one person to another, depending on age, physical condition and of course the intensity of pleasure. The shorter it is, the more the man in question can discover several pleasures.

In any case, refraining from ejaculating increases the chances of getting there since seminal losses are the cause of the decline in erection. This is because of the amount of energy required for sperm production. Whatever happens, it goes without saying that it is a sine qua non for the continuity of the action, in other words, of sexual performance.

Women are one step ahead

Compared to men, women are more likely to have this experience. First big difference, they do without the refractory period. Therefore, they remain "operational" and aroused even after a raging orgasm. Some even manage to increase the pace after the first spasm of pleasure in order to reach seventh heaven.

In their opposite, the desire tends to fade away little by little once the sperm has been evacuated, even when indulging in new stimulations. Moreover, more than one feel a certain sensation of pain or discomfort from insisting. Although in one case as in the other, the next orgasm can point the tip of his nose only when the antics undertaken allow it. In question, all the erogenous zones do not produce the same effects.

Men are less likely to be affected. To be precise, they represent 6% of the sexually active male population against 20% among women. The fact remains that it is possible to match the prowess of the fairer sex under certain conditions.

Discovering the power of the pubococcygeus muscle

As you will have understood, the penis becomes relatively sensitive after ejaculation. In this case, how to hold back while fully savoring your orgasm? It should be known that this one slightly precedes the spilling of sperm. Everything happens at this interval. Hence the intervention of the pubococcygeal muscle, the famous PC.

It is located in the perineum region, more precisely along the pubic bone to the coccyx. This muscle takes care of everything that happens between the testicles and the anus. When a man interrupts the urine, it's up to the PC to take care of it. The same goes for the seminal liquor. However, its effectiveness depends on everyone. The more it is reinforced, the more the person is likely to experience success on this side. This is the point of the exercises that follow.

Train to get there

Becoming multiorgasmic is a faculty that remains assimilable with exercises. At the same time, the aforementioned 6% are able to take advantage of this privilege without having to make special efforts. Fortunately, the related training allows all men, or almost, to be on the same pedestal.

Masturbation is an excellent exercise before getting into practice. Instead of ejaculating, use the PC muscle to hold yourself back. However, the penis should not be stimulated once the contractions specific to orgasm are felt. Depending on the case, a short break follows this moment or not before resuming auto-erotism to reach another orgasm. So on until ejaculation.

At first it will be difficult to repress the ecstasy, but the body gets used to it and begins to enjoy it over time. In addition, the feeling is much more pleasant being with a partner.

Other activities are needed before you can master the technique to perfection. Breathing is part of it. To do this, sit in a comfortable position with your hands on your stomach. Inhale and exhale calmly and intensely for a few minutes. This will make it easier to control yourself during sex.

At this time, you must know perfectly your state of arousal before and after the first orgasm. Be careful, if you don't succeed, it can be a source of frustration not only for you, but also for your partner. So stay patient, and then after all, keep in mind that getting there isn't an end in itself either!

Don't overdo it

When you succeed in crossing this milestone, sex will be seen from a whole new angle. If usually, enjoying is characterized by a note of stealth, this ability allows you to better focus on pleasure and not sex itself. With this activity, the sensations of ecstasy provided last longer. In addition, they are inevitably more intense. This is explained not only by the presence of several orgasms, but also by the prolonged duration of the report.

At the same time, a man with this ability succeeds in satisfying his lover even more. Unfortunately, being multiorgasmic does not only have advantages. By dint of looking for new performances, both physical and relational problems can be caused. Among the most likely risks is long-term ejaculatory dysfunction. Reason why it is never advisable to abuse it. Letting go is a must from time to time.