5 façons de revisiter le bon vieux missionnaire GOLIATE

5 Ways to revisit good old missionary

 Sexual position known to all and ultra-comfortable, the missionary is neither boring nor drowsy. It is enough to revisit it to be convinced of its charm and take a crazy pleasure. Our advices.

In a heterosexual configuration, the missionary position looks like this: the woman is lying on her back and the man is lying on top of her to penetrate her. Simple ? Maybe. But comfortable and a guarantee of pleasure! To go further, this classic and routine-looking missionary can be revisited. What to do to boost it? Extract all its erotic potential? Achieve more surprising orgasms? Our ideas.

A missionary… with a cushion

In this first variant, the woman places a cushion at the level of her lower back, or in the lower back. The cushion should be small (no need to bring a huge pillow, which would be more cumbersome than anything else!). It allows you to gently arch your back for a new angle of penetration.

GOLIATE loves because
missionary is a comfortable position, and missionary with a cushion is an even more comfortable position! And comfort is far from being incompatible with pleasure, on the contrary.

A missionary… at the edge of the bed

And if we proposed to his missionary to… slide slightly? The partners can approach the edge of the bed: the woman puts her feet on the ground (while she is lying down) and the man penetrates her. This position is almost an inverted replica of the missionary with a cushion, since this time the woman does not arch and the angle of penetration is the opposite of the previous variant.

GOLIATE loves because
being on the edge of the bed adds spice and a big touch of eroticism to the missionary.

A missionary… legs up

The advantage of the missionary with the legs raised is that it offers the possibility of varying the angle of penetration as you wish, and every two minutes if you wish! For this, the woman spreads her legs in the air. During penetration, the man can feel a lot of pleasure and ease as the opening of the legs fluidifies the meeting and the fusion.

GOLIATE loves because
raising the legs can be done whenever desired. Nothing prevents returning to a more classic missionary the next moment. This movement of the legs thus invites all the variants and all the pleasures.

The missionary… who rolls up

Here, the raised legs close around the partner's torso, which then becomes enveloped. By being attached to her partner, the woman follows the movement of penetration all the more. This position allows both partners to be one and to go further in pleasure.

GOLIATE loves because
this is the time to slow down the back-and-forth penetration and play with circular penetration. The moment rhymes with fusion and the partner can, with his penis, caress the vaginal walls of his partner.

The missionary… merry-go-round style

Once in place, the missionary can get on the big merry-go-round of pleasure and surprise. Why stay on top of each other, without trying to lose the north? Thus, we can roll, end up on the side, or reverse the roles. By being on top of her partner, the woman is in a position that reminds us of the Andromache, but when she keeps her legs a minimum closed and does not straighten up, we are in a reverse missionary!

GOLIATE loves because
turning and playing with his missionary, we take a crazy pleasure to return to the starting missionary. It looks like a break, an accomplice moment when you catch your breath. It's exquisite.