La prostate, cette organe du plaisir qui vous veut du bien ! GOLIATE

Prostate massage : this game that wants you good!

The prostate is an elementary organ for the male gender. Located in the male reproductive system, it plays a major role in reproduction. Its mission is to secrete a fluid allowing the formation of the seminal fluid which transports the spermatozoa. In order to keep it healthy, there are specific but simple techniques. One can, for example, practice a massage. A prostate massage refers to a kind of manual stimulation or using a prostate massager of the organ in question. This practice is likely to bring many benefits. However, do not hesitate to ask a health professional before embarking on this type of experience.

What is prostate massage?

Before starting this practice, as erotic as it is, you need to know some useful information. First, note that it is to stimulate the prostate. It is often performed for medical reasons, but can also be done for the purpose of causing arousal and sexual pleasure. The man can practice it alone or accompanied. The objective is to stimulate the famous point "P" which is the equivalence of the point "G" of the woman in the man. The method is not simple, but it just takes some getting used to. It suits,  beforehand, of lubricate a finger and insert it into the anus and rectum, then place it at the level of the prostate. The latter is located about 7 cm from the entrance to the anus in the direction of sex. The person concerned must then make circular movements in order to stimulate the gland. This massage can be performed during sexual intercourse, by a woman, using a sex toy or vibrators adapted to this kind of experience.

What precautions should be taken ?

The first precautions to take are hygienic. Before considering this type of experience, it is necessary to wash your hands. So, again, to avoid scratches and other lesions, it is advisable to cut the nails, since it is a highly sensitive area. Then, in order to facilitate the penetration of the finger or any sex toy, use a lubricant, preferably water-based. Finally, softness is required for this kind of massage, knowing that by going too hard, the risk would be to cause inflammation.

The different ways to massage the prostate

With the hand

The hand can be a great help when it comes to massaging. However, in this particular experience, the finger should be the leader. Knowing that the prostate is located about 7cm from the anus, you will need at least your index finger to be able to reach it. Before you start, settle into a position that is most comfortable for you and above all practical to achieve this. Feel free to use lubricant for an even softer and more sensual approach.

Using an appropriate accessory

If you want to put all the chances of a successful experience on your side, opt for a sex toy for beginners specialized in this kind of sexual practice. In addition to undoubtedly reaching your goal, it also allows you to share sweet and erotic moments, all for your well-being.

Do not consider other possibilities

The rectum cannot be compared to the vagina. It is strongly advised not to try other objects or foods such as fruits or vegetables. The use of this type of product for this purpose represents real risks of accident and infection.

How to do it ?

Concretely, it is not only a question of placing your finger at the level of the anus, that is not enough to reach prostatic orgasm. This type of experience, whether practiced as a couple or solo, with sex toys or a finger, it must imperatively be done gradually. You can start by stimulating the part between the anus and the testicles. Then try to focus on sensuality at the anal barrier. This is a part that is sensitive, delicate and full of sweetness.

The second thing not to be taken lightly is position. It must be admitted that each person has their favorite position, the one that makes them more comfortable. Let yourself go, don't be afraid to go beyond your limits. If you fail, persevere. Be aware that the position plays an important role in the success of the experiment. Finally, do not force it. You should avoid forcing your partner to practice it, or even inflicting it on yourselves under any constraint whatsoever, if you do not feel ready. It is better to do it with enjoyment and assurance at the same time.

Remember:  you have to go slowly. Again, this is a very sensitive area, so avoid making any sudden movements. Relax, take all the time you need and stay focused on the feeling that floods your whole body.

The benefits of prostate massage

Basically, this type of erotic massage is used with the aim of relieving the pain and sensitivity of prostatitis. For the majority of men, massage has the ability to relieve discomfort and swelling. This allows them to avoid surgery or drug treatments that treat the symptoms of prostatitis, a disease of the prostate.

Prostate massage as cancer prevention

The role of the prostate is to secrete part of the seminal fluid, ensuring, thereafter, a consistency to the sperm. Note that a gland can be affected by several conditions. By practicing this massage, you can reduce your risk of developing cancer.

Enhances sexual pleasure

Prostate massage increases blood flow to the prostate. This phenomenon improves male erections. Naturally, there is nothing better for a satisfying sexual relationship.

Only bodily well-being

This type of massage can help ease painful ejaculations over time. In addition, it improves the intensity of ejaculation, which allows you to enjoy your intimate moments even more.