Les meilleures positions pour brûler un maximum de calories durant le sexe GOLIATE

The best positions to burn the most calories during sex

And if making love helped to lose weight? That would be the foot, wouldn't it? Good news ! These perspirations, shortness of breath and aches are not in vain. However, it must be recognized that the expenditure of calories while having coitus are not the same as those relating to sport strictly speaking. Still, it's still better than nothing. Imagine that we burn three times more of it than in motion at rest. It is still necessary to know the most favorable positions. Either way, you kill two birds with one stone by focusing on practices other than the traditional missionary.

As much to combine the useful with the pleasant

Make no mistake, sex will never replace a proper exercise program. However, it does help get rid of a few small calories. In any case, there is nothing better than a good part of your legs in the air to enjoy unparalleled pleasure while taking care of your figure.

First, this practice does not require as much willpower as sports that are more or less intensive. On the other hand, sweats are an integral part of sex. Although sweating naked is much less painful than with tracksuits. The other side of the coin is that the calories burned are less important in the case that concerns us.

Supporting scientific studies

Like the University of Montreal, many centers and institutions have already studied the subject. As part of the study conducted by it, twenty couples made experiments with the intention of comparing energy expenditure during sexual intercourse and during sports activities.

First verdict: the body of the man and the woman do not work in the same way on this point. If the first burns 100 calories over an average duration of 25 minutes in sex, the woman is at 69. Logic dictates that these figures increase with the extension of this period of time which varies in principle between 10 and 57 minutes.

Compared to moderate-intensity walking, the efforts pay off twice as much as in the first case, for both men and women. These results were obtained thanks to the data collected by an electronic armband to put on during the act. In short, the male sex is able to burn 4.2 calories per minute during sexual activities and their opposite is 3.1 calories for the same period of time.

Each step has its impact

A priori, there are various ways of making love. Each of them leads to different effects, from foreplay to ejaculation.

For the preliminaries

Let's start with the beginning. You have to believe that foreplay isn't just for arousing. They also increase the calories destroyed, especially in their sports version.

Those who love to indulge in sexy dances before taking action are favored, because the more the practice is eventful, the more the efforts increase. For this purpose, the limbs should be used as much as possible. On top of that, lovers of sex games win all the way since they tend to focus on the physical. As an example, if the usual foreplay only burns 200 calories, it is up to 400 for the other case

The classic and the Kamasutra

Intense sex goes hand in hand with Kamasutra. It is obvious that this one is twice as taxing as the classic. Moreover, some more or less complex positions will be shared in stride. For amateurs, there is sure to be enough to try new experiences without compromising pleasure.

Between taking your time and making a quick shot

The choice is obvious. If you blast 200 calories for quick hits, the bet is doubled when you get it right.

In this case, what to do when orgasm is imminent? It's very simple: you have to let go and take the time to do another round, or even two if your body allows it. Imagine that this effort has an undeniable impact on your energy expenditure. However, this objective must not be achieved to the detriment of the true purpose of coitus, which is the thrill.

Difference between standing and lying positions

Standing positions are tougher than those practiced while lying down. They are therefore more profitable in terms of calories. However, they must be practiced knowingly since they are not given to everyone in the sense that they require not only great mental concentration, but also a certain physical capacity.

In the absence of this faculty, it is necessary to resort to compromises like sitting postures. In this case, you will be halfway between the two. 

Some tips in Kamasutra

Choose from these positions depending on your physical condition.

  • The standing man: no need to draw a picture for this first choice. If you last an hour with a few breaks in between, you manage to burn 360 calories.
  • The Andromaque Amazone: this is the best way to make a woman reach an exceptional orgasm. The efforts made correspond to those made in the abs-glutes with 200 calories burned in one hour.
  • The Javanese wheelbarrow: this is undoubtedly one of the most effective positions. 570 calories in one hour for the equivalent of one hour of cycling.
  • The traditional doggy style: opt for this one if you are not a fan of complicated postures. You manage to eliminate 540 calories in one hour as you do in climbing.
  • The Avignon bridge: with this one, the woman is more advantaged, because it works the buttocks, the thighs and the legs at the same time. With a deep penetration, it takes you to seventh heaven while you evacuate 300 calories.
  • Stretch: like doggy style, stretch is not very difficult to implement. It is equivalent to 170 calories lost.