Le périnée, ou comment intensifier ses orgasmes. Simple et efficace ! GOLIATE

The perineum, or how to intensify your orgasms. Simple and efficient !

The perineum is an area of ​​skin made up of muscles and ligaments that takes the shape of a hammock. It is located between the genitals and the anus. The perineum is a fragile area which is generally taken care of very little. Most women only hear about the perineum after childbirth, when perineal re-education is needed. For some men, they only become aware of it during a prostate operation. However, strengthening the perineum has several advantages, such as: weight loss, preparation for childbirth, increased orgasmic pleasure and also delaying premature ejaculation. In addition, its toning can be done at any age.

This part of the body is an area that plays a crucial role in the anatomy and sexuality of individuals. In women, it closes the abdomen and supports a number of organs in the lower abdomen. While in men, it includes the end of the digestive tract and part of the urinary and genital tracts. This area contains vital blood vessels that send blood to the genitals and nerve endings send sexual messages to the brain.

Why do you need to strengthen the perineum?

Issues related to sexuality

In the intimacy of the two partners, the perineum allows you to have a fulfilling sexuality and contributes to the increase of sensations. If it is not firm enough, the woman is less likely to feel the penis, which means less pleasure during penetration. On the contrary, a well-muscled perineum promotes compression and ascension of the clitoris, as well as vascularization . As far as men are concerned, the perineum is just as important, because the contraction of the perineal muscles makes it possible to boost the inflow of blood into the cavernous bodies of the penis, which increases sexual arousal and guarantees erection rigidity . Moreover , it is filled with nerve endings, which makes it a particularly erogenous zone . For such a small surface of skin, the perineum can provide a lot of pleasure, taking care of it then represents a considerable complement in sexual life.

Health issues

A deficient perineum increases the risk of contracting what is called organ prolapse or descent, as well as perineal hypotonia. It's when the woman feels like she's gaping . On the other hand, perineal hypertonia is more and more frequent, it is the involuntary contraction of the muscles, which makes penetration difficult . For a man, it can be the cause of uncontrolled and too fast ejaculations. Besides, it helps maintain gas and bowel movements.

Before and after childbirth

Childbirth has negative impacts on the perineum, because the load imposed on the latter increases. This causes a relaxation and a decrease in pleasure at the time of the act. This is also the cause of the occurrence of urinary leakage. However, all these problems can be easily solved, thanks to perineal rehabilitation. However, it is best to learn how to tone it during pregnancy, in order to soften it, which will make it easier for the baby to come out.

How to strengthen your perineum?

There are several exercises that can strengthen your perineum.

The elevator

Put yourself in a lying or sitting position, and imagine that your perineum is a 4-story elevator. Gradually go up contracting the perineum a little more for each floor to be reached, while pausing when you have reached each floor. The contraction of the perineum provides a sensation that will go up towards your sternum or your chest.

1st stage: contract the muscles of the perineum for 1 second, pause and release gently;

2nd stage: contract for 2 seconds, trying to raise the pelvic floor (perineum), towards the top of the body then release slowly;

3rd stage: contract the muscles of the perineum, raising it a little further for 3 seconds, then gently release;

4th stage: contract one last time for 4 seconds and release slowly.

The half bridge

This is a yoga posture that helps strengthen the perineum. To do this, it is necessary to stay Lie on your back, arms along your body, legs bent and feet flat on the floor. Then take a deep breath in contracting the perineum while squeezing the buttocks and pressing down on your feet to tilt the pelvis. Finally, it's necessary Lift your buttocks off the ground by blowing for 10 seconds, then gently lower your back, unrolling your spine vertebra after vertebra.

Simple daily exercises

Indeed, there are simple exercises that you can perform anywhere, such as at the office, at home...During the day, remember to regularly contract your perineum for 5 seconds, then release, redo this movement ten times in a row. However, it should be noted that all exercises should be performed with an empty bladder. Otherwise, they could lead to a urinary tract infection.

Finally, do not hesitate to use the famous Kegel Balls, the ideal companion to strengthen your perineum effortlessly.

The perineum and sexual pleasure

In the woman

According to Jean Bourdin, physiotherapist and sexologist , if the perineum is well muscled, this will lead to the lubrication of the vulva, because the Bartholin glands will be emptied more easily. Moreover, its contraction reduces the vaginal orifice and tightens a third of the external part of the vagina, which will keep it firm. This promotes increased vaginal contractions and will allow more intense orgasmic pleasure, a virtuous circle beneficial for sexuality.

At men's

You should know that the prostate is located two inches from the rectal canal. However, stimulation of the perineum allows indirect access to it. Besides This is a particularly erogenous zone for men, as the muscles become engorged with blood during sex, so this is the best time to explore it.

Whatever your gender, stimulating this area could be a great addition to your sex life, as the perineum is rich in sensitive nerve endings. Everyone is sensitive to it to some degree.
Regardless of your gender, there's a range of pleasures you may have yet to explore.