Nos secrets pour tenir plus longtemps et faire durer le plaisir GOLIATE

Our secrets to last longer and make the pleasure last

Adventurers of intimate fulfillment, this article is for you.

If you're here, it's probably because you're looking for tips to make the fun last... and you are in the right place! At GOLIATE, we firmly believe that sexual wellness is an art, and like any art, it requires a little practice , tips and knowledge.

So, ready to discover how to last longer in bed and transform each intimate moment into an unforgettable symphony?

Hang in there, because this guide is your treasure map to longer, deeper, more satisfying nights . And between us, who wouldn't like a little more magic under the covers? ūüėČ

The importance of slowness and sensuality

Ah, endurance in bed! A subject that arouses so much curiosity and sometimes even concern. But before diving headlong into tips and techniques to last longer, let's take a moment to understand what's really going on in our bodies.

The role of the brain and hormones

It all starts in the head. Our brain plays a major role in our ability to go the distance. It releases hormones like dopamine and serotonin which influence our arousal and our point of no return . So, before looking for external solutions, why not start by understanding our own internal chemistry?

The importance of breathing

Breathe. An act so natural and yet so crucial in the art of prolonging pleasure. Deep, controlled breathing can help delay orgasm and increase endurance. And that's not all ! It also allows you to better feel each sensation, each thrill . So the next time things heat up, remember to take a deep breath.

The influence of physical health

Yes, your physical condition also plays a role. Better blood circulation, increased cardiovascular endurance, and strong pelvic musculature can do wonders for increasing your time in bed . So, before looking for magic pills, maybe a little workout could be the solution?

The impact of mental health

Last but not least, our state of mind. Stress, anxiety, performance pressure... all of these factors can affect our endurance . Learning to relax, communicate with your partner and let go of unrealistic expectations can be the key to lasting longer and, above all, enjoying every moment to the fullest.

Tips and techniques to prolong the pleasure

Ah, the moment you have all been impatiently waiting for! After exploring the inner workings of our endurance, it's time to reveal these little tips and techniques that can transform an ordinary night into an epic of prolonged pleasure . So take notes, ladies, because here are some golden nuggets for those looking to know how to last longer in bed.

The ‚Äústop and start‚ÄĚ technique

It's a classic, but that's because it works! The idea is simple: When you feel like you're approaching the point of no return, take a break .

Take deep breaths, change positions, or focus on foreplay. Once you feel ready, pick up where you left off. This technique allows not only to prolong the pleasure, but also to intensify the final orgasm.

Kegel exercises

Ladies, if you don't yet know Kegel exercises, it's high time to discover them! These small movements, which involve contracting and relaxing your pelvic floor muscles, can do wonders for your endurance in bed.

And the best? You can practice them anywhere, anytime. So why not make it a daily routine?

Intimate toys for training

The world of intimate toys is full of treasures for those looking to last longer. From cock rings to G-spot stimulators, these little gadgets can help you discover new sensations and build your stamina. And let's not forget that they also add a playful touch to your antics!

At Goliate, we invite you to train with our special G-spot toy, our fabulous My Pleasure . You can also use natural lubricant , regardless of your gender, to maximize your pleasure during penetration and foreplay.

Communication with the partner

Never underestimate the power of communication. Talking openly about your desires, your limits and your sensations with your partner can help you find the perfect rhythm to prolong the pleasure. After all, sex is a two-person dance, right?

Knowing how to communicate also means knowing how to say when you are going to cum , to see if it is the right time for your partner and also possibly suggesting that they change position if you want to prolong your relationship.

Adding accessories to diversify the sensations

Ah, the incredible world of intimate accessories! If you think sex is already amazing on its own, wait until you discover how the right tools can transform it into a cosmic experience. Let's dive together into this universe of heightened sensations.

The fascinating world of intimate accessories

Sex toys aren't just for lonely evenings or naughty solo times. They can be real allies to diversify the sensations and add a spicy touch to your antics. Vibrating, rotating, pulsating... there is something for all tastes and desires . So, ready to discover how these little treasures can add variety to your intimate life?

Extended moments thanks to the magic of accessories

Some toys are specially designed to help prolong the pleasure. Whether by delaying orgasm, intensifying sensations or exploring new erogenous zones, they can be real game-changers.

The Amazing: the must-have for your naughty drawer

Let‚Äôs talk a little about ‚Äú The Amazing .‚ÄĚ This little gem has quickly become a must-have for those looking to know how to last longer in bed. With its multiple vibration modes and its ergonomic shape, it promises unforgettable nights and repeated orgasms. If you haven't tried it yet, now is the time to give it a try!

Advanced techniques to master orgasm

Mastering the orgasm... A dream for many, but a reality for those who know the right techniques. Just like a passionate kiss can be the trigger for a hot night, mastering your orgasm can turn a pleasurable experience into an unforgettable one. So, are you ready to discover these secret techniques?

The ‚Äúsqueeze‚ÄĚ technique: when the art of kissing meets orgasm control

Just like there's an art to good kissing, there's a science behind mastering the orgasm. The ‚Äúsqueeze‚ÄĚ technique consists of exerting pressure on the base of the penis or on the clitoris just before orgasm.

This simple action can delay the point of no return and prolong the pleasure. It's a bit like holding back a passionate kiss to make it even more intense.

Strength training of the perineum: the hidden power of the perineum

The often overlooked perineum is actually a superhero of orgasmic control. Just as good kissing technique requires some lip and tongue control, a controlled orgasm requires a strong perineum.

By strengthening these muscles, you can not only improve your control over orgasm, but also intensify your sensations. The perineum is an excellent avenue , whether you are a man or a woman, to control your orgasms.

Try new positions to make sex last

Just like a dancer explores new movements to enrich their performance, changing positions in bed can turn a pleasant experience into an unforgettable moment. If you're looking to know how to last longer in bed, know that variety is the spice of life... and pleasure. So, ready to discover new choreographies of desire?

The dance of desire: the importance of variety

Varying positions is not only a way to add spice to your lovemaking, it is also a way to discover new sensations. Each position offers a different angle, depth and stimulation. By changing regularly, you can not only prolong the pleasure, but also discover what really makes you tick.

Recommended positions: a few dance steps to go the distance

  1. Spooning : This gentle and intimate position allows deep penetration while leaving your hands free to explore other erogenous zones.
  2. Modified Missionary : With the man slightly offset or with the woman's legs on his shoulders, this variation of missionary allows for different stimulation and can help delay orgasm.
  3. Reverse cowgirl : In addition to offering a breathtaking view to the man, this position allows the woman to control the rhythm and depth, which can be useful for prolonging the pleasure.
  4. The missionary position : it can provide a lot of pleasure, especially when you know how to vary it as it should.

Are you ready to last longer in bed?

So, dear explorers of pleasure, here we are at the end of this exciting adventure.

If you've read this far, it's because you're truly determined to transform your intimate life into a true work of art . At GOLIATE, we are convinced that each person deserves intimate moments that meet their desires. And if you feel ready to move up a gear , why not take a look at our exclusive collection of accessories that will guide you to new heights of pleasure?

And remember, the journey is as important as the destination . So, keep exploring, learning and having fun. After all, you deserve it! And if you have any questions or feedback to share, our team is here for you. Don't hesitate to ask us your questions directly on our Insta account!