Tout comprendre sur les pannes sexuelles

Understanding everything about sexual breakdowns

Sexual breakdown results in a disorder of sexual function . If you think it only concerns men, you are wrong. Many women also experience sexual difficulties . The difference lies in the symptoms.

The Lilly laboratories on French sexuality conducted a survey on sexual dysfunction . According to the results, it has already affected 42% of men and 38% of women. With age, the problem becomes more and more frequent.

Faced with sexual dysfunctions , panicking is useless. Every problem has a solution ! That said, you probably need to explore your sexuality to find solutions so that sexual dysfunction does not harm your life as a couple.

Why can we have sexual breakdowns?

Knowing the causes of your sexual breakdown allows you to find the appropriate solutions. Here are the factors that can cause desire disorders.

The stress

It is the first enemy of a fulfilling sex life . Stress is a sneaky evil and it brings with it various psychological and physiological problems. It promotes sexual disorders .

First of all, stress causes significant mental preoccupation. It leads to a lack of concentration which will harm your sexual activity . It will be impossible for you to enjoy a naughty moment.

In cases of intense and chronic stress, other psychological disorders such as anxiety and depression can occur. All this discomfort will trigger a series of problems, namely:

  • the difficulty of letting go during the act , which prevents orgasm during sexual intercourse,
  • the probable inability to maintain an erection for a long time,
  • loss of sexual performance or premature ejaculation,
  • erectile dysfunction or male impotence.

You should also know that stress reduces the production of norepinephrine . However, a deficiency in this hormone leads to a drop in arousal , which will deteriorate the quality of the sexual relationship.

Organic causes of sexual dysfunction

Did you know that certain pathologies can cause sexual dysfunction ? By causing damage to the blood vessels, they reduce the flow of blood to the genitals. However, this increases the risk of sexual disorders .

Do you have an erection problem ? You may develop one of the following conditions:

  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • heart problems,
  • increased cholesterol levels in the blood.

Hormonal deficiency extends the list of organic causes of sexual dysfunction . A drop in sex hormone levels, for example, leads to male impotence . Thyroid hormone deficiency will also have the same effect.

Also, it is also possible that the sexual disorder is one of the side effects of medical treatment . In this case, it will disappear after your recovery. Finally, age is another factor that increases the risk of sexual dysfunction .

If you are in one of these cases, we strongly recommend that you consult a sexologist to find out more about your problem. The Sexologues France platform brings together certified sexologists who you can consult by video or directly in the office! We recommend!

Take care of yourself to avoid sexual breakdowns

To help you avoid sexual breakdown by taking good care of yourself.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

How to avoid erection problems or other sexual disorders ? Adopting a healthy lifestyle is the first solution required. Focus on a balanced and varied diet. You also avoid any risk of developing erectile problems by reducing consumption:

  • sugar,
  • salt,
  • fats,
  • tobacco,
  • of alcoholic beverages.

A healthy lifestyle obviously includes practicing regular sport. It is an anti-stress par excellence. In addition, it optimizes the production of the happiness hormone. This is how it becomes an ally in the fight against sexual dysfunction .

Improve sleep and promote relaxation

Good sleep is an ally in combating sexual dysfunction . If you don't sleep well, you will develop various health problems such as:

  • heart problems,
  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • obesity.

However, you know well that these are organic causes of sexual disorders . So, improve the quality of your sleep! Relaxation before sex is also an absolute necessity. For the technique to adopt, you have the choice between:

  • the hot bath,
  • the meditation session,
  • the yoga session,
  • massage,
  • some reading….

Increase excitement and reduce performance pressure

Increasing arousal means increasing the intensity of desire and pleasure. The question is: how to proceed? Learn to manage your stress first! Then, you must adopt various techniques to stimulate the production of endorphin, the feel-good hormone .

Some foods known for their aphrodisiac properties can also help you increase arousal , such as:

  • chocolate,
  • coriander,
  • ginger,
  • oysters,
  • calf’s liver….

In addition to all of this, you need to let go of sexual performance anxiety . This is a problem that mainly affects men. The fear of not being able to satisfy the other sexually will automatically generate stress. If you allow yourself to be trapped by this discomfort, you will expose yourself to erectile problems.

Finally, using sex toys or sex toys is also a good option. They help to optimize pleasures and stimulate sexual desire .

Talk about the subject without taboo with your partner

A sexual breakdown is not a taboo subject. To manage it well, you must discuss it with your partner. Mockery or reproach are clearly behaviors that should not be used in this type of case. It is important to make her understand that this breakdown was not a failure, neither for you nor for her, but that it can happen.

To approach the subject lightly, you can also use humor . The most important thing is to dialogue, this will bring you closer together and allow you to boost mutual trust. This rapprochement will allow you to overcome the sexual breakdown together.

When should I really worry?

Of course, sexual dysfunction affects everyone. That said, there is a big difference between an occasional problem and recurring erectile dysfunction . If the breakdown repeats itself, consultation with a sexologist is necessary.

This specialist can guide you towards the appropriate medical approach and possible treatments to take. But you also need psychological support, which a sexologist is generally able to provide you.

Women can have sexual breakdowns too

Female sexual dysfunction is not a myth! It manifests itself by a loss of desire or lack of interest in sexual intercourse. It also causes various problems such as vaginal dryness, making penetration painful.

If this happens to you, there is a solution possible. It consists of using gels or natural lubricants. These products have been designed to facilitate vaginal lubrication, to eliminate pain and optimize your sensation of pleasure. Asking for help or erotic advice is also a good idea.

No stress, breakdowns can be managed!

Are you experiencing a sexual breakdown ? Stay calm ! It's a problem that can be managed. Here's what you need to do:

  • take care of yourself and manage your stress,
  • establish dialogue, because it will allow you to overcome this impasse together,
  • practice slow sex so as not to have the pressure of an erection,
  • Make an appointment with a sexologist if the problem persists.

But what you really need to do is change the way you perceive the problem. In other words :

  • play down the situation,
  • take a positive approach by trying to resolve the problem together,
  • have sex differently: use massage oils to have a pleasant time for example,
  • focus on the future and stay optimistic!