Nos conseils coquins pour une fellation toujours plus réussie ! GOLIATE

6 naughty tips for ever more successful oral sex!

Oral sex is good, but sometimes you wonder if it couldn't be even better. Without any pressure (there is no diploma for the best fellatio), here are 7 little golden tips to give your partner more pleasure.

We like that !

It is by taking pleasure yourself that we will offer it to our partner. For what ? Because if fellatio excites us he will feel it and be all the more excited. In other words, it is the story of a virtuous circle. However, remember that it is useless to force yourself: if you prefer to sulk fellatio, then sulk it. And if we want to learn to love it then we take the opposite view of what displeases us: too submissive? The man lies down, we get on top of him. Too selfish? We offer a 69 for a shared pleasure...

We salivate

Genitals love…wetness. Excitement factor not to be overlooked! So discreetly, we salivate again and again. Or, we opt for a lubricant, guaranteed effect!

We abandon the mechanical gestures

Blowjob is not a matter of "I come in, I go out", otherwise you get bored quickly. So we masturbate our partner with the hand, before putting our mouth back in, and so on. You can also have fun licking his penis, from the root to the glans. And then sometimes we go fast, sometimes we slow down… By changing pace and playing, we both enjoy ourselves.

We put away our teeth

One piece of advice, one line: watch out for ugly teeth that can hurt!

We bring change!

How about we go on the couch or in the shower? We are ruined to pay for an apartment, let's take the opportunity to rediscover it from a new angle. Ditto for the positions: sometimes submissive, sometimes dominating, we have fun varying the acrobatics to give fellatio a little refreshment!

We look at our partner

It all depends on our degree of shyness and the light in the room (yes because in the dark, we can always look at each other, we won't see much) but a little naughty or romantic glance, it feels good... !