Les secrets pour stimuler parfaitement son clitoris GOLIATE

How to stimulate the clitoris?

Sexual organ dedicated to pleasure, the clitoris has nearly 10,000 nerve endings. In other words, it can take us far, very far. Six secrets to stimulate it and experience incredible pleasure.

With fingers or hand

Obviously, manual stimulation is the most frequent. Whether you treat yourself to solitary pleasure or share an intimate moment, the fingers allow gentle exploration of the clitoral zone. This is an opportunity to identify her labia minora, her labia majora, the vaginal vestibule and then the clitoris itself, an infinite source of pleasure. Turning around increases the excitement, while too sudden a touch can chill. Gentleness is therefore required for a step-by-step awakening, until you feel the clitoris go into erection. Humidity is also important: you can then wet your finger, use a silicone-based lubricant or simply let the excitement increase until the vagina offers natural lubrication. As for the whole hand, it intervenes to apply very light pressure, but also to form small circles.

With an erotic toy

Many women use sex toys to masturbate, also within the couple. Very frequently equipped with vibrations, toys for adults offer intense sensations. Orgasm can occur very quickly, the stimulation being fast and effective. Many women play and then take a break to use their fingers again. A way to slow the rise and create more sexual tension. Sex toys are a great way to discover your body, to familiarize yourself with the rate at which pleasure builds and sets in, and then play your way along the way to climax.
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By friction

When young women discover their bodies and indulge in auto-eroticism, they generally rub against a soft object, such as a pillow, the mattress, even a stuffed animal. Often, they tighten the legs in order to fold the clitoris on itself, to confine it within the vulva, for more excitement. The frictions make it possible to perfectly manage the pressure, the movement and the rhythm. During sexual intercourse, you can rub against your partner's pubis, also on your thigh during foreplay. A way not to abandon her clitoris during vaginal stimulation. It is no less good, less pleasant, and is not only useful for foreplay.

With the tongue

Cunnilingus offers a very pleasant wet pleasure. Just as women very often enjoy clitoral pleasure in the shower, via the pressure of the water. Kissing the clitoris, licking it, is an art that is practiced gently. We choose a position in which we feel completely comfortable. We close the legs or spread them. We release the head back to surrender or we look at the scene to awaken our senses and get visually excited. Everything is allowed. The ideal is to take your time, never to rush cunnilingus, a very sensual act during which you can stimulate other erogenous zones, such as the entrance to the vagina or the breasts, by offering breaks.

With the penis

During foreplay or during sex, the penis can stimulate the clitoris. The glans is also very sensitive and is said to be made up of around 4000 nerve endings. This practice is a delight for both partners. Beyond the sensations experienced - the result of the encounter between two very fine body parts - the erotic dimension of this gesture promises enormous excitement. In other words, it is the very idea of ​​rubbing the glans against the clitoris that takes us into a fantasy world. We visualize the scene, or we watch it, and we become aware of being at the very heart of sexual pleasure.

Via the vagina

For a long time, we classified female pleasure into a clitoral orgasm and a vaginal orgasm. Now, feminine pleasure is a whole.  There is "only one" orgasm, experienced differently according to the women, the hours, the circumstances, and the caresses. We then speak of external stimulation and internal stimulation. The clitoris is certainly visible, but it actually measures ten centimeters. It is made up of roots that surround the vagina. The famous G-spot, according to the latest research, would ultimately be a specific point in contact with the clitoris. Stimulating the entrance to the vagina, without much back and forth and without seeking depth, but by caressing the walls, would therefore be the way to stimulate her clitoris from another angle for overall and powerful pleasure.