Ces zones érogènes que l’on ne connait pas ! GOLIATE

These erogenous zones that we do not know!

Erogenous zones are regions of the human body particularly sensitive to stimulation, which can provoke a sexual or erotic response.

These areas vary from person to person and can be influenced by biological, psychological and social factors.

What is an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is a part of the human body particularly sensitive to stimulation, capable of provoking an erotic or sexual response. These areas have a large number of nerve endings, making them particularly receptive to touch, pressure, or other forms of stimulation.

Erogenous zones are not limited to the genitals. Although these are often most associated with sexual response, other parts of the body, such as the lips, neck, ears, breasts, or even the inner thighs, can also be considered erogenous. The sensitivity of these areas can vary from person to person, and what is stimulating for one may not be for another.

We are all different

It is also important to note that the perception of erogenous zones can be influenced by psychological, cultural and individual factors. For example, some cultures or religions may have taboos regarding certain parts of the body, which can influence how individuals perceive and respond to stimulation of these areas.

In sum, erogenous zones play a crucial role in human intimacy and sexuality, providing a multitude of avenues for exploring and increasing erotic pleasure.

Classic erogenous zones

Both men and women have so-called primary erogenous zones (in men, the penis, testicles, the P-spot, in women, the breasts, vulva, clitoris, vagina, etc.). Everyone agrees on these areas: they are innervated, sensitive, and when touched, they provide pleasure. However, discovering your body doesn't stop there! There are also secondary, more personal erogenous zones, which awaken according to a personality, a moment, a partner, a fantasy...

The sensitivity of these areas can vary greatly from person to person, and what is stimulating for one may not be for another.

Erogenous zones common to men and women

  1. Lips: One of the first areas couples explore, they are extremely sensitive to touch.
  2. Neck: Kisses, light bites or caresses can cause a strong reaction.
  3. Ears: The lobes in particular can be very sensitive to kisses or light bites.
  4. The neck: An often neglected but very sensitive area.
  5. Breasts and nipples: In some people, stimulation of the nipples can cause strong arousal.
  6. The lower back: Particularly sensitive to caresses and massages.
  7. The inside of the thighs: An area close to the genitals and therefore very sensitive.
  8. Feet: Some find foot massages or toe stimulation can be erotic.

Erogenous zones specific to men

  1. The penis: Obviously, this is one of the main erogenous zones for men.
  2. The testicles: Although they are sensitive, they can be very responsive to gentle stimulation.
  3. The frenulum: The band of tissue under the glans of the penis, particularly sensitive.
  4. The Anus and Prostate: Anal stimulation can be pleasurable for some men, and the prostate is often referred to as the "male G-spot."

Erogenous zones specific to women

  1. The clitoris: An extremely sensitive and often central area for female pleasure.
  2. The vulva: Includes the inner and outer lips, both sensitive to stimulation.
  3. The vagina: In particular, the area known as the "G-spot", located a few centimeters inside on the front wall of the vagina.
  4. The anus: Just like men, some women find anal stimulation pleasant. In any case, when we talk about anal stimulation , it is essential to do this with lubricant .

Many of us are conscious of “classic” erogenous zones. What we don't know is that we never stop waking them up for new sensations and that... we have others, so far discreet, that could well make us go crazy tomorrow! Exploration.

The original erogenous zones and to be tested urgently

Some will love having their toes tickled, others will get excited when they are caressed on their stomach. And while we all have primary erogenous zones, we all have secondary zones to explore.

In other words, we never get to know each other! Between the areas already explored which hide new pleasures and those which we have never approached... ecstasy is not far away!

Exploration of erogenous zones

We understand ourselves, we understand our partner, and we frequently experience pleasure based on our own standards .

Following a familiar path is comfortable and forms our “erotic essence.” However, to explore unknown erogenous territories and feel new emotions , let's focus on sensuality and delicacy.

Extensive foreplay is essential to go beyond our familiar gestures and dare to explore, solo or in a duo. When the desire intensifies and we get carried away, we touch each area of ​​our partner's body, encouraging them to do the same.

Another way to immerse yourself in sensuality is through massage . Let's find a cozy place in bed, create a pleasant atmosphere, and start with mutual massages.

Take his time

There is no point in anticipating the intimate act that might follow: it is not the main objective and it distracts us from the present moment. Let us instead concentrate on discovering the other's body, from their back to their bust, from the bend of their arm to their neck, from their thighs to their buttocks ... An endless moment is offered

Awakening your erogenous zones: advice

Running your hand over a forearm… meh? Touch is an art! And to awaken an erogenous zone, let's touch differently!

We use the pads of our fingers for a maximum thrill, we grab or lightly pull out our nails for a slightly wilder grip... We change our approach, our method ! And also rhythm. Faster, slower, we alternate. Without forgetting to use our mouth, very sensitive, moist, warm, which allows us to approach the nooks and crannies of our partner's body in a different way.

Finally, vibrating sex toys can be real “motors”. The Goliate My Pleasure toy will be the ideal companion. Specially designed to stimulate your intimacy or that of your partner, it will vibrate on all the erogenous parts of your body with such power that certain corners of your anatomy will awaken.

Communicate with your partner: the key to success

It touches us, we touch it... To discover our own erogenous zones but also those of our partner, let's listen to each other and don't hesitate to communicate!

When you scan your partner's body, pay attention to their reactions , their breathing, the expression on their face... You will then understand if you are on the right track. Just like he will observe you while caressing you: tell him through sounds, sighs... and that you like that.

And then, words remain quite useful in addition to this non-verbal language. “I love it, try again”… By communicating, we make the ride ever more surprising, we venture together, as a couple, onto new terrain.