La position de l'Enclume : Une nouvelle dimension de plaisir avec le Kamasutra

The Anvil position: A new dimension of pleasure with the Kamasutra

The anvil, an emblematic position of the Kamasutra , is distinguished by its intensity and depth . It offers total immersion in a sexual experience that is both physical and emotional. The receptive partner, lying on their back with their legs raised, and the active partner, dominating the scene, together create a picture of passion and intense pleasure.

This position is an invitation to push the limits of sensuality and explore unknown territories of pleasure, like pegging ?

In any case, this Kamasutra position is therefore suitable for all couples , straight and gay.

Position of the Anvil - Kamasutra

The major advantages of the anvil

 The anvil proves to be a source of manifold delights.

It allows deep immersion, offering powerful and direct stimulation . The proximity of the bodies and the possibility of holding each other's gaze in this position creates a strong bond, reinforcing complicity and verbal or non-verbal communication between partners.

The particular angle of penetration opens the way to new sensations, by targeting erogenous zones that are often less explored.

For the active partner, the view offered is a true visual feast, adding an erotic dimension to the act.

Better still, the person lying down can continue to stimulate their penis or clitoris .

This position also allows a conducive approach to dirty talk , the opportunity to try it gently?

Prepare the ground for the anvil

As one of the two partners is lying on their back, it is essential to ensure a comfortable environment.

A conducive atmosphere is essential for a successful experience. A cozy space, a comfortable bed and cushions , a pleasant temperature and soft light create an ideal setting. Music, chosen with care, can accompany and intensify the experience, in harmony with the movements and intensity of the act.

For the more adventurous, you can test this position on the ground for a wilder approach, but watch out for back pain the next day!

Lubricants and toys: enriching the experience

The use of lubricants is crucial for a smooth and pleasant experience. But sex toys, such as vibrators or anal plugs, can be integrated to increase stimulation and discover new facets of pleasure.

During sexual intercourse in the Anvil position, it is entirely possible to insert an anal plug or a vibrating sex toy while penetrating your partner's vagina with your penis. Pleasure guaranteed!

Intimate products

The Anvil in gay relationships between men

For gay male couples, the anvil is a godsend. It offers direct and intense stimulation of the prostate , a source of deep and varied pleasures. This position also promotes emotional intimacy, making the experience both physically and emotionally enjoyable.

For gay, straight or beginners whoever , it doesn't matter, you can discover your prostate pleasure or your anal pleasure gently with one of our sex toys, ideal for beginners for adventurous apprentices ;)

Anvil difficulty level: 3.5/5

The anvil requires a certain amount of control and coordination . It is advisable to start gently, ensuring that partners are comfortable and in control. Ongoing communication is essential to adjust movements and ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Although the anvil is a source of intense pleasure, it can present challenges . Flexibility and endurance are key to taking full advantage of this position.

It can be complex for novices due to the coordination required to keep the legs in the air while managing depth and rhythm. This position may not be suitable for everyone, especially those who favor a gentler or less physical approach to sexuality.

Don't forget to use organic lubricant to facilitate penetration and provide comfort and sensuality during intercourse!

Orgasm meter of the anvil: 4/5 

This position is a real playground for erogenous exploration and deep penetration. It also has the merit of adapting to all relationships and types of couples, straight and gay.

The position of the Anvil Kamasutra makes it possible to effectively target sensitive areas such as the G-spot or the prostate , while providing easy access to other erogenous zones, such as the breasts or buttocks, and is positioned as a original position for those who wish to vary the pleasures with a more intense position than the classic missionary.
Be careful, however, not to rush into penetration that is too deep and too fast at the risk of injuring the person being penetrated.

On the Goliate orgasm meter scale, the anvil therefore reaches a solid 4 out of 5 .

Its unique angle of penetration and the possibility of control by the active partner make it a very effective position for achieving orgasm .