La levrette orale : la position pour décupler le plaisir du cunnilingus ! GOLIATE

DOWNWARD DOG : the Kamasutra position to increase pleasure during cunnilingus

How to do it:

The partner can opt for the traditional doggy style, with her knees and hands on the bed, or for the "buttocks up" version, with her chest and head on the bed.

By opting for the "buttocks in the air" version, the partner can rub off more easily and therefore reach orgasm more easily.

Place your hands on her hips, put your well- lubricated hand between her lips, and tell her how nice your hand feels between her legs.

Get on your knees. Put your head between her buttocks, stick out your tongue and lick. Extend your tongue further to separate her lips. As you lick run your finger over her clitoris and stimulate her vaginal wall and G-spot with another. Lick, rub and stimulate until she reaches orgasm.



Where to do this position:

The partner receiving the cunnilingus must stand on the edge of a bed, or a raised surface so that his partner can then kneel down and be directly facing his buttocks. The ideal is a soft mattress, so as not to irritate the hands and knees.

The benefits of oral doggy style:

By switching back and forth between doggystyle penetration and doggystyle cunnilingus, you can take a break and "calm down" when you need it, while still making her orgasm orally!

This position also has the advantage of being a perfect transition to anal. Indeed, during oral doggy style you can easily set the stage for rimming.

Attention ! Going from the vulva to the anus does not present any risk, but the reverse is not true! Indeed, going from the anus to the vulva / vagina risks introducing bacteria that could cause infections. If you absolutely want to go back to cunnilingus after rimming, clean your mouth.

The disadvantages of oral doggy style:


Everything is reversed, so you have to take the hand. Be patient and don't worry if everything isn't perfect the first time.


The accessories you will need:

A bed or raised surface.

Difficulty level: 1/5

The oral doggy style is a relatively easy position to implement.

Orgasmo-Meter: 4/5

A variant of doggy style and cunnilingus, which allows you to discover new sensations and play with new areas of your partner's body: orgasm is within reach!

GOLIATE Council:

Put a pillow under his belly for more comfort.

The oral doggy style is the ideal position to stimulate the perineum during your cunnilingus. You can use your fingers, your mouth or a sex toy at the same time to give more pleasure.

Unlike the "classic" cunnilingus position, it is easier to use a vibrator in this position.