Plaisir renversé : découvrez les joies audacieuses de la position du Majordome

Pleasure reversed: discover the daring joys of the Butler position

The Kamasutra, an ancient manual of love and sexuality, is full of exotic and stimulating positions. Among these, the position of the Butler stands out for its audacity and originality . Often seen as an acrobatic challenge, this position offers a unique experience and can spice up your sex life significantly. It is also inclusive , adapting to all couples, regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.

The interest of the Butler position

The Butler position is above all known for the intensity of the stimulation it provides. In this configuration, one of the partners (the receiver) hangs head down, supported or not by the other partner (the giver) who controls the oral stimulation. This reversal of usual roles and bodily positions allows for a different exploration of carnal pleasures.

The stimulation in the Butler position is particularly complete. For the person in the inverted position, all erogenous zones can be accessible and stimulated, from the perineum to the clitoris, and from the vagina to the anus. This accessibility allows the active partner to vary the pleasures, alternating between manual, oral, and oral caresses. use of sex toys if desired.

Erogenous zones stimulated by the Butler position

The Butler position stands out for its ability to stimulate a wide range of erogenous zones, which can intensify the sexual experience for both partners.

For the partner in the inverted position, the stimulation is particularly rich: the clitoris and vagina can be accessible for intense oral or manual stimulation. It is also an opportunity to approach sexual intercourse in a gentler way, without penetration. For this, intimate caresses on your partner's anatomy can be an excellent way to raise the temperature.

Additionally, the exposure and accessibility of the anus allows for exploration of anal pleasure , often overlooked in other, more traditional positions.
If the head-down partner is a man, this is undeniably an opportunity to explore his prostate pleasure so that he can discover a new, incredible source of pleasure! Go slowly, because you need to know how to properly prepare for “sodomy” so that the experience is exceptional.

Do not hesitate to introduce dedicated prostate massagers to discover this practice (don't forget to use anal lubricant because this area does not naturally lubricate!).

For the active partner, the visual stimulation of seeing their partner in such a provocative posture and the ability to actively explore multiple erogenous zones simultaneously can greatly increase their arousal and pleasure.

Advantages of the Butler position

The Butler position, beyond its unusual nature, offers several substantial advantages that can enrich the sexual experience of partners:

  1. Intensive stimulation: As mentioned previously, this position allows intense and complete stimulation of the genital areas, including the clitoris ( find out in our article how to stimulate it effectively ), the vagina, and the anus. This can lead to very powerful orgasms due to the combination of simultaneous stimulation.
  1. Variety and innovation: For couples looking to escape monotony, the Butler introduces an element of novelty and surprise into sex life, breaking routine with a bold and dynamic approach.
  1. Strengthening the emotional bond: Succeeding in such a demanding position can strengthen the feeling of trust and complicity between partners. It requires excellent communication and synchronization, thereby strengthening the emotional connection through the shared challenge. Furthermore, the person upside down must learn to let go, especially during cunnilingus.
  1. Visual and psychological pleasure: For many, the visual dimension of seeing one's partner in such a unique and vulnerable position adds a layer of psychological and aesthetic pleasure to the act.

A possible addition: fellatio

In slight variation, the Butler position can also incorporate fellatio , adding an extra layer of pleasure. When the receiver is a woman, for example, her partner can alternate between oral stimulation of the clitoris and fellatio if she is able to do so comfortably.

This versatility makes the Butler position an attractive option for those looking to vary their sexual experiences.

Variations of the Butler position

For couples interested in the Butler position but worried about its difficulty, there are variations that can offer some of the excitement with less risk:

  1. Use of Props: Incorporating equipment like sex swings or furniture specifically designed for support can reduce the physical difficulty of the position and increase comfort.
  1. Modified version: The active partner can stand or kneel, while the receptive partner uses furniture to support their shoulders and head, reducing the need for full suspension.
  1. Role Reversed: Reversing roles where the traditionally active partner is in a passive position can also offer a new dynamic and perspective for both partners.

  2. Use of sex toys: The integration of sex toys into the practice of this position is very interesting. The "active" partner can both stimulate his partner's anus with the help of a sex toy or anal plug while also orally stimulating his partner's vagina or clitoris. And vice versa. It can also be accompanied by a contactless clitoral stimulator to make your partner orgasm in just a few minutes.

By exploring these variations, couples can gradually approach the full version of the Butler position or discover an adaptation that works specifically for them, allowing safe and enjoyable exploration of their desires. Sex toys Disadvantages of the Butler position

However, the Butler position also has disadvantages that can make it less attractive for some couples:

  1. Physical Requirement: As noted, this position requires good physical condition from both partners. It can be uncomfortable, especially for the partner in the inverted position, and can even be risky without proper preparation.
  1. Difficulty of setup: Finding and maintaining the right setup can be complex and daunting. Partners may need several attempts before successfully executing the position correctly.
  1. Limitations for certain body types: The difference in height or weight between partners can make this position practically impossible to achieve.
  1. Risk of injury: Without proper caution and preparation, there is an increased risk of falling or injury, especially to the suspended partner.

Difficulty level: Why 5 out of 5?

We give the Butler position a 5/5 in terms of complexity for several reasons.

Firstly, it requires good physical condition and a certain flexibility on the part of both partners. Supporting the suspended partner requires strength and endurance, while the suspended partner must be able to handle the potential discomfort of the inverted position.

Additionally, coordination and communication must be impeccable to maintain everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

Goliate orgasm meter: a mixed rating (2/4)

Despite its many advantages in terms of stimulation, the Butler position receives a rating of 2 out of 4 on the Goliate orgasm meter following votes from the Instagram community.

This assessment reflects the challenges that this position can present in terms of comfort and ease of execution. Although the stimulation is intense, it may not be suitable for all couples, especially those who prefer less physically demanding interactions.

The fun side of the position

Beyond its complexity and intensity, the Butler position is also a source of playful pleasure and laughter. It allows couples to get out of the usual sexual routine and experiment with gravity and body dynamics in a fun and original way.

This exploration can not only strengthen the bond between partners, but also allow them to discover new ways of giving and receiving pleasure.


The Butler position is a great example of how the Kamasutra continues to inspire couples to explore their sexuality in creative and daring ways.

Although it can present challenges in terms of difficulty and comfort, it also offers a unique opportunity to strengthen connection and broaden erotic horizons. As with any sexual adventure, the key is to listen to your body and your emotions, communicate openly with your partner, and engage in the experience with an open mind and a willingness to explore.

Anecdote about the position of the Butler: did you know that?

Did you know that the Butler position gets its name from the boldness and helpful nature of this posture in the Kamasutra? When introduced in ancient manuscripts, this position was often illustrated with great elegance and a sense of dedication, reminiscent of the attitude of a butler dedicated to the satisfaction of his masters.

Additionally, there are accounts that suggest that in some ancient cultures, acrobatic positions like the Butler were practiced not only for fun, but also as a form of exercise to improve flexibility and body strength. This athletic dimension added a layer of skill and performance to the sexual act, transforming the position into a display of physical strength as well as passion.

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