Stop aux moments de gêne : on érotise le préservatif GOLIATE

Stop the moments of embarrassment: we eroticize the condom

Fateful moment, moment that breaks everything... Putting on a condom is not always glamorous, but it is nevertheless essential! Tips to turn this awkward moment into an erotic moment.

Eroticizing the condom, it takes preparation!

Tip n°1: the condom at hand

As soon as you do not know the state of health of your partner, the use of a condom is essential. So we start by having it on us and… close at hand. We thus avoid a long embarrassing pause (and that I return my drawers, and that I panic in the bathroom…). Within reach, it also means that you gently place the condom on the bed or the pillow so as not to have to “break the relationship in two”. Thus, when we want to put it, we will catch it discreetly. Fluid gesture, fluid report!

Tip n°2: we talk to each other (like pigs)

The idea is to grab the hood while continuing our momentum: a few caresses and especially sweet or dirty words (since our hands are slightly taken). By murmuring “I want you”, or even “I want you”, we stay in the mood. Grabbing the condom and putting it on against a backdrop of erotic words, that perfectly accompanies the gesture without breaking the excitement.

It is now…. !

Tip #1: We don't have to look at each other!

If we barely know each other, we can decide not to look at each other. If it is the man who puts on the condom, he can sit astride the woman lying on her stomach. Thus, he continues to caress her buttocks and in two and a half seconds, it's done! If it is the woman who puts on the condom while she prefers not to meet her partner's gaze, she can stand behind the man who sits on the edge of the bed. With (and after) a few kisses on the neck, voila.

Tip #2: don't stand idly by

If the condom moment is not always the most glamorous, it's because we tend to stop (are you okay otherwise?). However, we can remain in control (in this case mistress) of the game: when Mr. puts on the condom, Mrs. can caress (supra exciting). If she puts him on, why not dare fellatio at the same time? We kiss his penis, we put the condom on...

And after ?

It's finish ? Not that much. It's true, once the report is over and you remove the condom, the embarrassment flies away. However, we can discuss it. Ask yourself if you liked the warming or textured effect. If we felt confident, if we didn't feel burnt or otherwise… It's quite simple but this post-act exchange helps to de-dramatize the use of condoms. Or how we prepare the ground for the next time!