Comment préparer la sodomie ? GOLIATE

How to prepare for sodomy?

Less and less taboo, sodomy seems to be inviting itself into many beds: 53% of women have already tested it in 2019*, a figure which has quadrupled since 1970. But how to prepare the ground, between temptation and apprehension? Our answers.

Take a good dose of envy...

To take pleasure during a practice, desire and consent are essential. No need to go for sodomy when the desire is not there or when it only exists to satisfy your partner. The main thing is therefore to ask yourself: do I want to? Want it right away? Maybe I just want to want to, which is already a first step, an opening? And why, for whom? And then, I want to "how"? How do I imagine this experience? Without writing a dissertation or a cover letter, we can wonder and study the notion of pleasure that hides behind our curiosity.

Add a touch of hygiene...

The question is not the most glamorous but touches everyone's mind: what is the risk of encountering fecal matter during sodomy? It should be known that the stool transits through the anus but that they do not take up their winter quarters there! Some people will still prefer to perform an enema, but a simple intimate shower (but always external!) is more than enough. We can just, also, not chain going to the toilet and sodomy. We let a few hours pass and everything is fine! However, it should be noted that following sodomy, vaginal penetration is strongly discouraged. To be able to walk around the front after having visited the back, we therefore use a condom that we remove before entering the vagina. Same with a sex toy.

A quantity of lubricant…

The anus is an innervated area, which promises sensations. However, it does not lubricate automatically, unlike the vagina which demonstrates an ingenious system. Thus, we rely on a lubricant to avoid unpleasant friction and welcome pleasure. Generally, lubricants dedicated to anal intercourse are designed to “last” longer than traditional lubricants, which may require to be put on and put back… But taking breaks is nice too! In any case, no oil-based lubrication or massage oil if there is a condom... And if you use an anal plug, still prefer a water-based lubricant to preserve your toy. We recommend you the natural and organic anal lubricant of GOLIATE combined with anal relaxant for a wow effect!

And sweeten it up!

No need to gather all your energy and give it your all. Sodomy, especially when you discover it, requires gentleness. And then, what could be more pleasant than listening to the sensations right now? What about taking your time to connect to this new practice and this new sharing? So we choose not to rush. Advices ? First test the waters with the finger provided with lubricant. And, always, continue to stimulate the other areas of the body. Practicing sodomy is not throwing everything away. Breasts, clitoris, belly... Pleasure is a whole, and the sensations between them are fed.

The extra thing: and with an anal plug?

We talk a lot about sodomy in the context of the couple, heterosexual or homosexual. But sodomy is also practiced during masturbation. Thanks to an anal plug, specially created to stimulate the anal area, you can treat yourself to many pleasures! Of course, the anal plug can also be used as a couple and can be a preliminary step, or a simple game. In short, one does not prevent the other. You can also use the The Amazing sex toy which allows the stimulation of the clitoris but also of the anal area thanks to its T-shape and its vibrating handle.

Sexuality is free, to each his desires, his ideas, his inspirations! This is exactly what sodomy tells us: sex is an intimate question to which we answer... as we see fit.

*IFOP / ELLE survey, 2019