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Testez The Amazing! et partagez votre expérience sur notre compte Instagram GOLIATE

Test The Amazing! and share your experience on our Instagram account

GOLIATE is an adventure that we live with you. This is why we have decided to give you the floor by inviting you to test The Amazing!, our clitoral and vaginal stimulator. How it works ? Who can participate? We will explain everything to you.

GOLIATE works every day for your well-being by offering you adult toys and pleasure cosmetics. And you are the one who speaks best about our products!

Thus, and because we attach particular importance to your feedback, we are asking you to become a tester.se for GOLIATE. For this, we offer you the opportunity to discover The Amazing!. In return, you create content that we will then post on our Instagram account, @goliate_official . Are you tempted? Here are the steps to follow.

Who can test?

Everyone ! If you want to test The Amazing!, the only thing we ask of you is to make videos in story format that will be shared with our Instagram community.

What should I do once I receive the product?

If you are selected, you will receive the sex toy at your home and enjoy it in private.
Then, we ask you to provide us with videos in story format that relate your experience.
It's not about content to be produced in the heat of the moment, but content in which you share your feelings and impressions: how did you find the packaging? The product itself? Were the sensations there? Are the vibrations effective? What are the qualities of the product? What pitfalls have you identified?

We will accompany you in the realization of your content. We can give you ideas, help you find the right words and the right shot. Our team will keep in touch with you and you can chat.

Important ! The face camera and the broadcasting of videos on your personal account are not mandatory. It's up to you to imagine the format that makes you most comfortable, between voice-over, texts or facing the camera!

How can I register?

Edit: registrations are closed.

Nothing's easier. You just need to fill out this form. We will then study the requests and we will contact you by email if you have been chosen to test The Amazing!.

You have until Friday, May 21, 2021 to register.

You have questions ? Contact us by private message on Instagram .