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Le slow sex ou comment se connecter au plaisir ! GOLIATE

We test! Slow sex or how to connect to pleasure

The slow trend is everywhere - slow cosmetics, slow food, slow fashion... - and now in our beds, with slow sex. Its goal ? Make love more slowly in order to better connect to our sensations. Pleasure tenfold and guaranteed! We tell you how to do it.

Why try slow sex?
Because we tend to run, even to rush. Sex is often starter main course dessert. Why not: we know what we like, we know the body of the other and its areas of pleasure. We also know our own body, the positions that suit us. This achievement is not bad, the routine either, it is a way to meet, in the evening, to enjoy together. But there is a way to rediscover yourself to dare new sensations: slow sex. Which consists of taking your time in order to better connect with others, with emotions, to be more in the moment than in the orgasm to come. In other words, slow sex comes down to taking advantage of the path that leads to enjoyment.

To connect better… we disconnect first!
In order to connect to the body of the other but also to one's own body, it is good to approach the sexual exchange as a tender moment, without parasitic thoughts, without cell phone ringing, without TV in the background... We prepare our atmosphere, one that invites us to relax. No pressure, no urgency, we are only there to share an embrace full of sensuality, to survey a body that we love but that we always look at from the same angle, under the same light. We tell ourselves that our worries can wait in the closet for an hour or two, and we are then completely available. The report will not be quickly done well, it will be slow and in full consciousness, for the pleasure of being there, together, ready to share a thousand sensations!

How do we do it, concretely?
Once our cozy room is waiting for us, slow sex is all about braking! No rush: we take our time. We first kiss for a long time (to forget the kisses, very erotic?), we undress millimeter by millimeter, we concentrate on the effect of a garment that escapes us and on the skin of the other, that we go through with our fingertips. We dare massages, caresses, on sometimes abandoned areas: the lower back? Neck ? The whole body is potentially erogenous, so why not take a slow walk? And always, we ask ourselves the question: what do I feel here? When his hands graze my chest? We activate our five senses: what touch tells us, but also our sense of smell, our hearing, our sight and our taste. Thus – and it's magic – we forget this duty of performance and enjoyment which sometimes leads us to think about “afterwards”, about what “must be done”, about what “the other is waiting for”. On the contrary, we fully live the moment because we take the time to enter into it, to dissect it, to magnify it. And when the orgasm comes many minutes later, it surprises us. And it is more intense. Try it with a square of chocolate: taste it slowly, look at it before that, breathe it in, feel it vibrate in your mouth… Isn't it better than swallowing it in a hurry after a coffee? To you !