La technique de l'alignement coital pour augmenter son plaisir GOLIATE

The CAT method to increase pleasure

The CAT method, for coital alignment technique, is played during penetration and more particularly the position of the missionary. Thanks to it, women can discover new sensations and more intense orgasms.

Penetrative sex has many qualities, but it also has a flaw: by dint of back and forth, female pleasure sometimes feels sidelined. Indeed, several studies show us that penetration alone is not ideal for reaching orgasm. That doesn't mean it should be avoided, just that dual stimulation – including vulvar and clitoral caresses – is welcome. And the CAT method – CAT for coital alignment technique – is used: this practice offers both partners the opportunity to leave the usual penetrative patterns and reinvent penetration for more pleasure and fusion.

How do we do ? We stick together and we dance languidly!

To practice the CAT method, we… penetrate ourselves (to begin with). But this time, we leave our habits. Rather than coming and going (we know), we play our pools and undulate together. For this, the partner, placed above, lies down on his partner. If he shouldn't crush it (that would be a shame), he shouldn't hesitate to slouch a little, the idea being to be very close and glued. The partner below will straighten her legs and not spread them much apart. The important thing to remember is that the two bodies are thus aligned. And they must be aligned, as the name of the technique specifies.
Then we move our bodies. In other words, we squirm. A practice that invites the stimulation of the vaginal walls (often neglected when it comes to going straight to the bottom of the tunnel) and the vulva, since the pubis are in contact. And we know that the glans of the clitoris, which is located at the top of the vulva, likes to be part of it!
The other advantage of this method is that it is extremely sensual. We take the opportunity to look each other in the eye and measure all the happiness of being with each other, finally one inside the other.