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Petit guide pour débuter avec les sextoys GOLIATE

A short guide to getting started with sex toys

Have you never used sex toys but are curious to get started? Our advice for getting started with confidence (and a lot of fun).

Sex toys are not reserved for single people or for those who encounter sexual difficulties and feel the need to be supported in the discovery of their body. Indeed, sex toys are for everyone, whether you are alone or in a couple, and whatever your desires. Our advice for choosing the right sex toy when starting out.

I question my desire

Before getting a sex toy, you can think about what attracts you to this new adventure. Want to get to know your body better? To meet a specific organ more intimately, such as the clitoris or the prostate? A desire to approach new orgasms, or to have fun with your partner or partners? Answering these questions will guide you in your choice, especially since GOLIATE offers you a menu based on your "desire": it is your desires that lead you to sex toys, and that is ideal!

I choose an accessible sex toy that appeals to me

"Don't have your eyes bigger than your stomach", we sometimes hear. It works a little with toys: no need, when you take your first steps, to buy a huge vibrator or order 17 sex toys. The important thing is to choose one that resonates with your desire and that responds to your approach and your vision of sexuality.

I use water-based lube

We cannot repeat it enough, but lube is not an option. Let's say that humidity is a guarantee of pleasure and comfort, which is why the vagina and penis become moist during sexual arousal. A water-based lubricant, such as our Sensual Glide Gel, will therefore go wonderfully with the use of a sex toy by providing softness and fluidity.

I wash my sex toy well before and after use

On the hygiene side now, we note that it is good to wash your sex toy before and after use. How ? No dishwasher or strange products. We opt for a classic soap with a little water, and we wipe the toy by dabbing it in a towel. Otherwise, GOLIATE markets an organic, vegan cleaner and disinfectant, made in France, which takes care of toys and extends their lifespan.