Réinventer sa sexualité avec la circlusion : de nouvelles perspectives GOLIATE

Reinventing your sexuality with circumclusion: new perspectives

In the infinite universe of sexuality, where each caress, each breath, each movement writes a unique story, a term emerges from the silence and arouses curiosity: circumclusion. This word, with its almost mystical sound, opens the doors to deep reflection on our intimate practices, our hidden desires, and the often unexplored paradigms of our intimacy.

But what exactly is circumclusion? Far from being a simple neologism, this concept, born from the pen of a feminist thinker, invites us to rethink sexuality beyond established norms, beyond traditionally glorified penetration.

It is an invitation to explore a world where pleasure is redefined, where roles are reversed and intertwined, where each partner becomes an actor and creator of their own pleasure.

In this article, we will reveal the secrets of circclusion. We will explore its origins, its meaning, and above all, how it can transform the way we experience sexuality. Whether you are a novice or an expert in the field, let yourself be guided on this journey to the heart of the circle, where each discovery promises to enrich your sensual universe.

Circlusion: what are we talking about?

What does circumclusion really embody? Born from the enlightened mind of German feminist writer Bini Adamczak in 2016, circumclusion is much more than just a word. It's a response, a bold counterpoint to penetration, often seen as the alpha and omega of sexuality. If penetration is the act of introducing, of inserting, circumclusion is defined by the act of surrounding, of covering, of actively receiving .

Imagine for a moment: a world where sexuality is no longer unidirectional, but a dialogue, a balanced exchange where each partner is both giver and receiver.

In circumclusion, power and pleasure are no longer the prerogative of the person who enters, but shared, co-created in an act of union where everyone is fully involved.

This redefinition invites us to rethink our most intimate interactions. It pushes us to recognize that in the sexual act, each partner, whether penetrating or penetrated, plays an active and powerful role. By adopting circumclusion in our language and our practice, we transform our way of experiencing sexuality, of feeling it, of sharing it. It is an invitation to explore, to experiment, to rediscover our body and that of our partners in a new, more balanced and harmonious light.

Circlusion and penetration: excellent complementarity

In the ballet of sexuality, where every movement counts and every gesture has its meaning, circumclusion and penetration play out together, not as opposites, but as complementary partners.

By integrating circumclusion into our range of sexual practices, we open the door to a more balanced sexuality . We recognize that pleasure is not unidirectional, but an exchange, a continuous flow between partners. Circlusion teaches us that in this exchange, each partner, whether the one who penetrates or the one who is penetrated, has an active role to play, a unique contribution to make.

This complementarity between circumclusion and penetration invites us to rethink traditional roles in sexuality. It pushes us to question preconceived ideas about assets and liabilities, about the giver and the receiver. It goes beyond penetrative pleasure and is even better when accompanied:

  • With our natural lubricant : to be able to have a pleasant experience during this practice
  • With other facilitators of the sexual experience such as our sensual massage oil which allows you to gently discover your partner's body

Circlusion allows a new approach to sexuality

Circulation is not just a sexual practice; it’s a cultural revolution. It invites us to rethink our preconceived ideas about sexuality, to deconstruct established norms and to consider pleasure in a new light. This concept pushes us to question traditional power dynamics and to consider a more egalitarian and inclusive sexuality.

Shared pleasure and fairness in sex

In circumclusion, the notion of domination , often associated with penetration, is called into question. It is no longer a question of who dominates and who is dominated , but rather how each partner can actively contribute to the shared pleasure. Circlusion teaches us that pleasure is an egalitarian playing field, where each person has a role to play, without dominance or submission.

A new approach to pleasure

By adopting the term circclusion, we are adopting a new language to talk about sexuality . This more inclusive and balanced language reflects a more holistic approach to pleasure, where every aspect of the sexual act is valued. It’s also a great way to make the pleasure last longer !

Who can explore the circumclusion?

The beauty of circularity lies in its universality. This concept transcends genders, sexual orientations and practices. It offers a new perspective, a new way of living and feeling sexuality that is accessible to everyone. Whether we are in a heterosexual, homosexual, or other relationship, circumclusion invites us to rethink our way of giving and receiving pleasure.

Circlusion in heterosexual relationships

In heterosexual relationships, circumclusion can be seen as an invitation to explore beyond traditional roles . She encourages partners to experiment with dynamics where fun and initiative are not limited by gender norms. It is an opportunity for men and women to rediscover their sexuality, to open up to new forms of pleasure and intimacy.

Diversity of sexual practices

Circlusion also enriches sexual practices outside the heteronormative framework. It offers a new dimension to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer relationships, emphasizing reciprocity, creativity and equitable sharing of pleasure. In each interaction, circumclusion makes it possible to recognize and value the active contribution of each partner.

Circlusion symbol of inclusiveness

Ultimately, circumclusion is a symbol of inclusiveness and diversity in sexuality. She reminds us that pleasure and intimacy are not defined by our bodies or our orientation, but by our ability to connect, share and explore together. Circlusion is a celebration of sexual diversity, an invitation to all to rediscover pleasure in a new and more balanced light.

How to integrate circclusion into your sexual practices?

Communicate with your partner

Incorporating circumclusion into your sex life starts with open and honest communication with your partner. Discuss your desires, your curiosities and your limits. Circlusion is a dance for two, where each partner must feel listened to, respected and valued.

Explore the practice

Exploring the circumclusion is a journey of discovery. Take time to experiment with different techniques and positions that highlight active receptivity. Pay attention to the reactions of your body and that of your partner. Remember, there is no "right" way to practice circclusion; what matters is shared pleasure and connection. Practicing slow sex is also an excellent way to progress in this new practice.

So, are you getting started?

We explored this revolutionary concept together, revealing its multiple facets and its potential to transform our vision of sexuality. Circlusion is not just a practice; it** is a door to a deeper understanding of our desires, an invitation to redefine pleasure and balance power dynamics** in our intimate exchanges.

But, like any exploration, this one does not stop at the words read or heard. It truly begins when you, in the privacy of your room or your mind , decide to put this new knowledge into practice. Circlusion is an experience to live, to feel, to share. She is a spark that can light a fire of passion and discovery in your sex life.